A season of change

As if our 2017 hasn’t already been a (beautiful, rewarding and amazing) whirlwind, we are about to enter another season of change. I wanted to post about it because I always want to be able to remember what it it was like in this moment, on the verge of an exciting time for us. 

Back in August 2016 LJ and myself moved in with my parents, initially for a few months so that I could save the last thousand or so that I needed to pay Melbourne IVF to undergo my procedure, unfortunately the first cycle did not work so I needed another $2700(ish) which meant staying at least another month at my parents house and borrowing, begging and scrounging to come up with it in time. Luckily that cycle of IUI worked and I was pregnant with my darling Rae. We ended up having to stay at my parents longer so that I could afford to pay back the money I had borrowed and then to save money for the big ticket baby items (pram, cot etc.) and then to save money for the first months rent at a new house. 

Finally at about 28 weeks pregnant (from memory, could have been a few weeks either side) in April this year we found and got approved for a house. It was in a neighbourhood I hadn’t ever lived in, but was a nice enough looking house. At that stage of pregnancy I couldn’t afford to be fussy. The real estate requested a six month lease initially and, while I would have preferred a year, I was so desperate to move that I agreed. 
Well, now five months later, I am so glad that we only signed the six month lease! 

I didn’t really unpack everything because I assumed I would have plenty of time to do that on my maternity leave. Rae had other ideas and one week into my maternity leave (and at 36 weeks and 6 days) I went into labour and delivered the most adorable baby girl ever. The next few months were spent doting on my baby and her big brother and not unpacking, sorting or de-cluttering. Because of that this house has never really felt like a real home to me. 

On top of that there is a lot of other reasons that I am not comfortable living here, long story short there are plumbing issues galore and a leak took 3 weeks for them to get a plumber out here to fix, literally every room that has water running to it (bathroom, kitchen & laundry) has at least two different plumbing issues. The window treatments are super lightweight and let cold air in and warm air out. The thermostat in the heater doesn’t work, The backyard has been broken into multiple times, with my shed being broken into and lawn mower moved about a metre. Since we have lived here it has been a never ending cycle of LJ being sick which makes me wonder if (like our old old unit) there is hidden mould somewhere. I can also hear my next door neighbours from my bathroom and bedroom, the noise is never ending. 

So I had the internal battle of whether to uproot LJ again and move or to just deal with it and stay here. My mind was made up one day when a bird landed on the side gate causing it to rattle, LJ turned to me and said “is it robbers?” With a terrified look on his face. It was then that I realised how effected he had been by knowing that someone had previously been in our backyard. We had to move. 

The timing is terrible as one of my dearest friends is getting married interstate the weekend before my lease ends and LJ and myself had made plans to road trip with Rae to Newcastle for a few days, then Byron Bay for a few days before picking Grandad up from the airport and spending a few days on the Gold Coast for the wedding and to do the theme parks before heading to the Sunshine Coast to introduce Rae to my Dads parents. This means we will need to have moved out of this house completely (putting all of our possessions back in storage) and have it cleaned before leaving for the holiday. 

When we return we will stay with my parents again until we find another rental house. This time I am going to be a lot fussier about what houses we apply for as I want our next house to be for a few years at least. 

So the next two months are going to be filled with change. A lot of adventure, especially with our road trip, but when we return it will be to a temporary housing situation. 
I will do everything that I can to make the transitions as easy on LJ as I can. I am not anticipating the moves to be too hard on Rae, because she will still have me right there and at the moment I am the most important constant in her life. 

I am excited for the few months that await us. For the fun that we will have on our road trip and the adventures that we will take and the memories that we will make as a family of three. 

I am excited for the new house, with a safe backyard for LJ (and then Rae) to play in, hopefully in walking distance to LJs school. For the place that Rae will (probably) take her first steps and experience her first Christmas. 

While the next few months will bring plenty of changes and some uncertainty I am excited for them and ready for the peace that will (hopefully) come at the end of the transition period. 

Bring it on. 



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