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Now that I have a school aged child I feel that I really have to up my game in terms of School Holiday entertainment. Term 1 holidays in Grade Prep (literally just a few months ago) LJ and I went to Phillip Island for the week, Term 3 Holidays (Sept/October) we have planned to go to a friends wedding on the Gold Coast and visit my Grandparents on the Sunshine Coast, Term 4 holidays (December/January) We are hoping to go to Tasmania for a week or so….But we had no plans for Term 2 holidays. I am due with Baby number 2 a week before the school holidays start so I had warned LJ that we may not be able to do too much, especially if I go overdue like I did with him…


…And then I found out about Fun4Kids and it sounds like so much fun I can’t resist. LJ and I attended the launch day for Fun4Kids at Polly Woodside in Melbourne, The event was great fun, with a pirate theme and towards the end the headlining act was introduced to us…Jimmy Giggle! We both went home with huge smiles on our faces and decided “We really, really, want to go to Fun4Kids”


Here are the details from the Press Release:

Fun4Kids 2017 will be a huge Giggle!

He sings, jokes, drives a giggle-mobile and gets to wear his pyjamas in the daytime. Yes, ABC TV star Jimmy Giggle is the headline performer for the 2017 Fun4Kids Festival. Over the past five years Jimmy and his television co-host, Hoot, have been entertaining children across Australia with the Giggle and Hoot show.
“I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great kids festival and looking forward to entertaining and having fun in Warrnambool,” Jimmy said. “In between shows I might see if I can spot a whale, check out some wildlife in Tower Hill and go for a stroll along the Breakwater!”
Jimmy Giggle will perform over two days of the five-day festival which runs in the first
week of the school holidays from July 5 to 9.
“We’re so lucky to have Jimmy Giggle , arguably Australia most popular children’s entertainer at the moment as part of Fun4Kids for the first time, ” Warrnambool Mayor
Cr Kylie Gaston said. “He brings enormous entertainment value to our Fun4Kids program and is a favourite of children across Australia”.
“Parents will know how much their kids love tuning in to Giggle and Hoot on ABC2 and Fun4Kids provides an opportunity for an exciting, live experience of Jimmy Giggle fun. “The festival is perfect for children aged 2-12 years and offers the best family holiday
activity in the winter school holidays.”
Fun4Kids 2017 boasts a great line -up and along with Jimmy Giggle performers include Frank Woodley, Trolls, Lah Lah’s Big Live Band, The Snor’s Travelling Circus, The Spicy Girls, and many more.
Tickets to Fun4Kids are now on sale now–
Go to One, two or five-day passes are available. Each pass
gives you access to the entire festival site and all of the fun from 10am to 7pm!”
fun4kids jimmy giggle(LJ and Jimmy Giggle)

Fun4Kids Festival is held annually in Warrnambool (3 hours and 10 minutes away from me) so I had to get creative in terms of figuring out how to go with either a brand new baby, or a huge overdue baby belly. Of course I’ve roped in Grandad! If I’ve got a brand new baby he will drive us down and stay with us at our accommodation, but his main job will be to basically taxi LJ to all of the Fun4Kids fun, along with me and the baby when we are able to. If I am still overdue we will play it by ear on whether I go, researching all of the locals hospitals along the way, just in case. Or whether LJ and Grandad go and have some boy time. After my appointment with the obstetrician next week I should have more of an idea what their plans are and will then be able to make my own plans around that…in theory.

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Disclosure: I have been gifted a 5 day family pass to the Fun4Kids Festival.

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