Our “holiday”

I put “holiday” in talking marks because (as you would know if you follow me on Instagram) it was anything but relaxing. I don’t want to dwell on the negative but LJ got so sick he ended up in the emergency department at the hospital in Newcastle, Rae screamed on every car ride longer than five minutes and I got so sick that my ear drum perforated and I was basically bedridden for a couple of days.

It just goes to show that the best laid plans can still go wrong!

Onto the good. This turned into a very big post, my apologies in advance. I thought I would share one photo from each place we stayed, not all the little stops on the  at, but the places that we stayed for a night or more. Just one photo from each. One.  Eek, how will I choose?


  • We left just before Rae’s nap and she slept until Avenel. LJ watched some of the DVD cars and talked to me about his favourite YouTubers
  • We had lunch at a gorgeous park at Albury and then a late afternoon play at a park at Gundagai
  • We stayed the night at the Swaggers motor Inn at Yass. We literally did nothing here except shower and sleep. Breakfast was provided and we met a lovely family from Ocean Grove (where my Mums parents live, this family lived literally right around the corner from Mums parents!) we got petrol and got on the road by 9.30
  • We had a few unexpected stops at Sutton’s Forrest and five minutes up the highway from Sutton’s Forrest as Rae was not a happy traveller
  • We stopped for lunch at my Great Aunty and Great Uncles house in Sydney, it was one of my second cousins daughters (playing along?) birthday so we did cake, visited and LJ had a swim in their pool.
  • We got back on the highway a bit after three thirty for the drive to Newcastle and did not make it there until almost 9pm, for some reason there was bumper to bumper traffic…and Rae screamed the WHOLE way


  • On our first morning LJ woke up with puffy eyes and a runny nose, I just assumed it was allergies, not helped by all the travelling. He wasn’t hot so we went about our day. We stayed at the Newcastle Travelodge which was fabulous, we walked over to Officeworks and LJ used some of his holiday money to buy a big sheet of poster paper, some textas and some stickers and we went back to the hotel for him to draw while Rae napped
  • At lunchtime we decided to go to the Newcastle Museum, we had been here a few years ago but it is awesome (and free) we then walked over to the Hogs Breath Cafe and had a lunch date. In the way back to the car I noticed Cold Rock Ice Creamery and realised I had never gotten one for LJ, he was amazed and enjoyed his creation.
  • By the time we got back to the hotel LJ was clearly sick, we sat down to watch the AFL grand final and he fell asleep instantly, when he woke up a few hours later he was boiling hot, lethargic and floppy and asked to see a doctor.
  • We went up to John Hunter Hospital and finally got to see a doctor, he was kept for a few hours to bring his temperature down, they decided it was a virus but were concerned about the redness around his eyes so took a nasal swab to be sure and sent us on our way
  • The next day we stayed at the hotel (and mostly in bed) pretty much all day, we went over to the shops a couple of times and at 6pm we went across to get a pizza before coming back to watch the NRL Grand Final on TV, yet again LJ fell asleep right at the start.
  • The next day we had planned to visit one of my dearest friends (and one of his godmothers) at 9am, but LJ slept in until 10.15 (which never happens!) once he was awake we drove to her house and while we caught up on the last three years the kids played happily.
  • The afternoon was spent napping and then in the evening one of my other closest friends (and LJs other godmother) visited us at the hotel, it was lovely to see her.
  • The next morning we packed up all of our belongings and started to make our way out of town, stopping at Hexham to see the other close friends that we hadn’t been able to see yet, LJ was a lot healthier by now!
  • Rae surprised us by sleeping all the way, we had lunch at Taree and then stopped at Kempsey to visit the beautiful friend whose wedding was the whole reason for this holiday before making it to Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour:

  • As soon as we pulled into Coffs Harbour I started to feel sick, so it was off to a chemist to stock up on tissues, cough medicine and panadol
  • We stayed at the Ibis Budget , so we knew what we were getting in for, but LJ was super happy to have free wifi!
  • In the morning LJ and I struggled to communicate and missed breakfast, getting out of the motel right on our 10am check out time
  • We went straight to the Big Banana and had coffee and breakfast there before starting our next drive
  • We stopped for lunch in Grafton and then didn’t stop again until we made it to Byron Bay, we were going to stop at Ballina but Rae was asleep and LJ said “let’s just go the rest of the way”

Byron Bay:

  • We stayed at the Discovery Holiday Park, which is an absolute dream if you have kids, we stayed in a deluxe safari tent and it was super cool
  • Our first day was a blur of swimming in the pool, lazing by the pool while LJ swam (even though he is a good swimmer I got him to wear a life jacket as I told him I might get distracted with Rae, he was an absolute legend with this and didn’t argue it once!) watching LJ play at the waterpark and watching a movie on the Tennis Court at night. We slept so well after all of that!
  • I woke up exhausted and had no idea how I was going to move my Body, luckily Rae wanted big naps and LJ was more than happy to entertain himself drawing and playing with his cars while I slept.
  • After lunch we went back to the pool and LJ swam some more while I laid on a sun bed and did not move! Just before dinner we went to Ballina Airport to pick Grandad up and when we got back LJ proudly showed him around the Holiday Park.
  • The next morning we left The Park at 10am and drove to the lighthouse for a quick look around, we then drove to the Gold Coast. We stopped at Pacific Fair and did some shopping for the wedding the next day and had some lunch

Gold Coast:

  • We checked into our apartment at the Beachcomber, it had all of the basics but was not great. LJ and Grandad went for a walk as as I was now sicker than I have ever been in my life and with an epic earache I made a doctors appointment.
  • The doctor was amazing and was very concerned about me, official diagnosis was bronchitis and an ear infection (he said my ear drum was “bulging” eew) I got loaded up on a double dose of antibiotics, painkillers, got yoghurts for the probiotic, a million tissues and took the single bed at the hotel so my germs didn’t pass onto Bub, the kids shared the king bed with my dad for the next two nights.
  • On Saturday morning my Dad and LJ ventured to Wet n Wild while Rae and I napped. Just before 2pm I quickly popped a tiny bit of make up on, popped a couple of curls in my hair, covered up my now-bleeding ear and changed into my dress before walking over to the wedding. Two of my girlfriends from Newcastle and their partners were there, along with one of my housemates who I have not seen in years! The bride looked stunning and they wedding was SO lovely! Once it was over I went back to the hotel, changed back into my pyjamas, washed my face and climbed back into bed. Unfortunately I had to miss the reception but I could see it from our window! I was asleep VERY early.
  • The next day we braved Sea World and had a FANTASTIC day. I chose to give the rides a miss as I was worried about what the changes in pressure would do to my ear but LJ HAD AN AWESOME TIME AND WENT ON HIS FIRST ROLLERCOASTER.
  • On Monday we checked out of the apartment and drove to Movieworld. This was one of the things I was most excited for but I didn’t do the rides again. LJ went on a few rides in the Looney Tune area and we saw the Justice League characters and Scooby Doo. From there we drove up to Maroochydore

Sunshine Coast:

  • My Dads parents live on the Sunshine Coast, I love that my kids have gotten to meet all four of my grandparents and that LJ will have these memories of them.
  • On Monday we checked in at our Private holiday rental right across from the beach at Maroochydore. My Dad went over to visit his parents and the kids and I spent some quiet time at the apartment.
  • On Tuesday we visited my Grandparents in the morning, which was lovely. Pop has been unwell lately but LJ was happy to check on him and sing to him when he was in bed and oh my, Pop had Rae literally wrapped around his finger, there was such a special bond made there.  I loved spending time with my Nana. Now that I am an adult I find the time that I spend with her so much more special, she is everything a Nana  should be but oh, she is cheeky! I love it. And seeing the love and pride that she has in my kids is just so heartwarming. The whole time I was at their house over the three days though I was wearing a mask as I certainly didn’t want either of them getting sick from me. In the evening my Aunty, her partner and us four had dinner at Nan and pops
  • On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling somewhat human! My dad took the kids for a walk so I could take my time showering and getting ready for the day. Once I was I walked down and met them at a park. We went to a cafe, found an amazing children’s shop and then went to visit my Grandparents again
  • I wanted to have some one on one time with LJ, so my dad put Rae in the pram and walked her to the apartment while LJ and I went to Sizzler for a lunch date. My gosh can that boy eat! He ate probably three times the amount of food that I did. I then went to a doctor because I was due to fly home the next day and wanted to make sure my ear would be ok. They told me that essentially it was my decision but gave me some advice for if I decided to fly
  • In the afternoon we decided it was time for Rae’s first trip to the beach! The man that lived downstairs from our apartment had seen LJ and very kindly offered us the use of his boogie board while we were there, how nice!
  • We had a great time, Rae wasn’t so sure about the waves but didn’t hate it!
  • In the evening my Dad picked up his other sister from the airport and we all had dinner at Nan and Pops
  • The next day we packed up and visited my Nana for a morning tea and cake for her birthday. She had three of her six children there, how lucky
  • We left there and drove to Brisbane airport, myself Rae and LJ flew home and my Dad started the drive home
  • Our plane was delayed but my kids were both angels, Rae even slept the whole way. Oh and my ear was no issue at all

So that was our trip! Even with the downs the ups were pretty damn amazing
Have you ever had a holiday go awry? Leave a comment!

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