Holidays pt.2

I shared a post about our holidays earlier this week, but it was mostly words, this post is mostly photos of all the in between. And in backwards order too. Just to keep you on your toes


LJ waiting for our (delayed) flight home

My Dad, LJ, Rae and Pop

LJ, Rae and Nana

My spunky date to sizzlers. He ate three plates of Spaghetti Bolognaise with cheese and corn

Rae kept reaching out for Pops finger, it was heart melting stuff

These two are going to be trouble together, I can already tell! They were laying in the floor together and  grandad would “swoosh” at them with one of Rae’s muslin wraps

LJ at Movieworld on Batman’s bike

LJ at SeaWorld

Maree, Myself and Sam at our friend Ashlea’s wedding

Rae learning all about the joys of lazing by the pool

While we were napping LJ decided we needed a Gluten Free TimTam and put one on my shoulder, sure enough by the time we woke up it had melted all over my shoulder, the bed and Rae’s face


Choc coated frozen Banana at Coffs Harbour

I’ve been singing this song “Five Wooden Candles” for weeks now, turns out that’s not its name. Oops.

My babes when we were visiting Sam

This little sicko during his sleep in until 10.15am

While I entertained this little cutie on the floor

LJ drew a pretty spot-on picture of our hotel in Newcastle but then he wrote “Yass” above it because yass was easier to sound out

First ever cold rock for LJ, you can see how sick he is here, three hours later we were at the hospital (not the ice creams fault) 

Some fun at the Newcastle museum

LJ in his borrowed swimmers at my Great Aunty & Great Uncles house

My babes on our first stop at the roadhouse at Avenel, having an icy-pole and a stretch. 

Despite the sickness and screaming we did have a good time and I am excited to try and do another big holiday next year, just not a Roadtrip ?

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