This Week;

We did a LOT of Laundry, folding, packing, matching socks, sorting, donating, cleaning, throwing out and organising in preparation for our move later in the week. Those tasks could have been very boring if I didn’t have my little assistant!

Rae perfected her selfie-faces with Grandad…her eyes!!! They kill me!

LJ built LEGO scenes wearing just his undies and a T-Shirt… because who needs pants anyway?!

Rae and I did a lot of snuggling during her nap time, staring at her sleepy faces fills my heart right up!

We took Rae for her first trip to IKEA! I can’t believe it has taken us so long. We got a high chair for Rae, some cushions, a Christmas wreath, some more fake flowers, a few soft toys for my big helper, an orchard and pot for my sister in law for her birthday (from LJ) and some more of those brilliant colourful kids plastic plates. We then popped down to Kmart for a mat to go on the toilet floor, clothes airer and a few Christmas things. A successful afternoon of shopping!

We FINALLY watched the new Wonder Woman movie on DVD, LJ didn’t have the attention span for the whole thing and obviously Rae fell asleep, but Granny, Grandad And myself thoroughly enjoyed it. LJ decided taking selfies was more fun!

We got the keys to our new rental house! Unfortunately there is still some work to be done to it (air conditioner installed, kitchen cupboard doors put on and some patching and painting) so we will be having tradies there quite a lot this weekend (and hopefully not much longer after that… fingers crossed) but we are very excited for this house! This photo is of LJ and Rae in what I think will be LJs room, he keeps changing his mind!

So that was our week! 7 photos for 7 days!

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