This Week:

Our “Christmas celebrations” always start after Santa’s Magical Kingdom, so on Saturday we unpacked our Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. I packed all these up after Christmas 2015 and then Christmas 2016 was spent living at my parents house, so it was so exciting opening the boxes and seeing all of my Christmas decorations again. I LOVE Christmas! I put the tree up while LJ was at my parents house and then when my Dad brought him back I asked him to put the lights on (I accidentally bought 15 metres of lights. Oops) I then did the tinsel and pearl garland and the LJ put on all of the “special” decorations. The rest of the baubles went on later in the week. While I was setting up the tree I had Rae sitting in her high chair with toys and a face washer, she thought it was wonderful!

On Sunday we went into the city to watch my oldest brother and youngest brother do the Eureka tower stair climb, they climbed up 88 levels (something like 1480 steps I think) and we waited at the top to cheer them over the finish line!

On Monday LJ had a bad head cold so I kept him home for the day, I did leave him at my Mums for a little bit so Rae and I could sneak off and get some Christmas shopping done. I bought some really cute things at “Homegrown” in Sunbury and the lovely lady there gave me these flowers as they were “not looking so great anymore” they have survived so far!! It was such a lovely, unexpected act of kindness and is one of those things that encourages you to return to the shop again.

It wouldn’t be a week at my house without plenty of snuggling happening and (of course) Rae gets the most snuggles! She always snuggling someone. Note to self: get more snuggles with LJ next week

LJs best friend moved a few towns over and changed schools at the start of term 4 and they hadn’t had a catch up yet. On Wednesday we had them come over and hang out for a while, the boys picked back up where they left off and my house was filled with noise and chaos!

I finally lit my Short Story candle that I got from at the Bloggers Brunch. So pretty and man it smells good!

LJs school had a Colour Run fundraiser on Friday, I tried to get a “Before and After” photo of him, but most of the colour had come off his shirt by the time I got the “after”

And that’s that! Another week, another 7 photos for 7 days!

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