This post is well overdue my boy, in May you turned six! My LJ, My captain, My firstborn, My heart and soul. 

(Photo by Clear Light photography Melbourne)  
When you turned five I wrote a blog post about you and the person you were right at that moment so I wanted to do another one, about the person you were/are at six. I am sorry it has taken me a while to finish this post but a few days after I started it a certain little lady decided to make an early entry and you know how busy our lives have been since! 

You are funny. You can still make me laugh at the drop of a hat, doing funny voices or quoting lines from movies and YouTube. 

You are confident. In both your behaviour and your convictions, you believe in yourself and back yourself. You still are a bit shy with adults when you first meet them, but with children you don’t think twice about telling them whatever is on your mind. 

You are an advocate. You have a strong sense of social justice and will stick up for whatever you see as right. When one of your friends is hard done by or teased you will have their back and tell me all about it later with such passion. 

You are a deep feeler. Some would say emotional, but I see that you feel all of your emotions so deeply, sometimes that makes you angry, sometimes that makes you silly and sometimes that makes you bounce off the walls with happiness. 

You are creative. Whether it is doing something artistic, “decorating” the house or making a new video for your YouTube channel you come up with some great ideas and get to it, working to make sure that your ideas become reality. 

You are persistent. You do not take “No” for an answer, you try again, you re-word your questions, bargain , beg and try, try, try again. 

You are fast. You started Auskick this year and I think we both always knew that you were a good runner but this year we noticed that you are a fast runner, you can keep up with the big boys in the group and are always in the first group of finishers in the warm up runs.

You are loyal. As much as you like to tease me you have always got my back. If you see anything as being a slight on me your claws come out and you are not happy until it is corrected. And you are not just loyal to me either, your best friend Ley is lucky to have you, you’ve always got his back one hundred percent too. 

You are a hard worker. You have taken to primary school far better than I could have ever imagined, you have gotten so good at doing your daily readers with me and practising your golden words. You seem like a natural with maths and numbers, which you must have got from your dad as anything to do with maths baffles me. It blows my mind to see you practising adding up numbers just for fun…fun

You are excited for the future. You can’t wait to be a big brother! Everything we do you make a comment about how “we will have to bring my sister here” and you constantly tell me things that the two of your are going to do together, you kiss my belly goodnight most nights and always include your sister in your prayers. You are going to be one great big brother, that is for sure! 


We celebrated your birthday a little differently this year, usually we have a party for you at home, but being about 33 weeks pregnant and having just moved into the new house we couldn’t do that this year. You were wonderful about it and asked to have a Hungry Jacks party. For once the party was on your real birthday. In the morning I surprised you with your number 6 balloon and a few presents then we went to your party. Afterwards we came home, opened your presents and had a quiet afternoon playing with your toys before having dinner with the family. It was a really nice day and you seemed to really enjoy yourself. 

I love you so much my boy. Thank you for being you. 




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