Week 31

 I am currently 33 weeks pregnant but this post covers all of Week 31 of pregnancy. Not having the internet at home threw the last week or two of posting, but I am back online now with a million posts set to share with you! You can find the links to all of my previous pregnancy diary posts at the bottom of this post.

Week 31

week 31 pregnancy

Week  31 started on Sunday 23rd of April  2017. I woke up at about 3am with horrendous heartburn that was affecting my upper back, it took quite a while for me to get back to sleep . After watching “Paper Planes” the night before LJ woke up obsessed with building paper planes so our morning was me making paper planes and him throwing them around the house. LJ had also made plans with Grandad to go for a bike ride and with Uncle Kane to come over and play Xbox. In the morning myself and LJ finally made a start on sorting through some of the stuff in the baby’s room and I did my first load of washing for her (just sheets and blankets at this point, I can’t wait to start the little baby clothes) After Grandad and LJ set off on their bike ride I settled myself into an amazing bubble bath with a book and had some chill time. Grandad and LJ ended up riding all the way from my house to my parents house (no small feat let me assure you) and then Uncle Kane picked them up and brought them back to my house. LJ and Kaney got straight into some serious Xbox playing and my Dad put the baby’s cot together for me. After seeing it in the room I feel SO much more organised! My Dad went home shortly after and while Uncle Kane and LJ played Xbox, followed by Paper Planes I sorted through some more of the things in the baby’s room and set up the change table. Once Kane was ready to leave LJ and I drove back to my parents to pick up some of our kitchen appliances, while he was there he played paper planes once again with my other older brother and Dad. When we got home we watched a Scooby Doo movie on TV and then went to bed. I was in serious pain by bedtime from the heartburn, once again in my upper back and this time could not help but cry from the pain. LJ did not leave my side and helped me get comfortable enough to get to sleep and when I woke up for my first toilet trip of the night LJ was snuggled right up to me, with his hand holding onto my cheek.

On Monday I took LJ to school and then stayed for a while to help with the readers. I got home in time to have an hour rest before heading over to Bacchus Marsh for my midwife appointment. I was so impressed that the midwife I had this time was the one I had at the start of my pregnancy and had been on Maternity Leave, she was so thorough and really listened to my concerns, and my goodness by the time I left I was in information overload! So it turns out my blood tests showed that I have low iron, she was going to suggest that I retest but after I told her I am vegetarian (well pescatarian for this pregnancy) she advised me to start taking iron tablets straight away. She also told me that she would get the doctor to prescribe me something for the heartburn, since it was obviously causing me a lot of discomfort and pain. She poured over every single test result that had been done while she was away and referred me for another set of blood tests for things that had been missed. She then checked my blood pressure which, once again, was perfect (to my surprise) and checked the baby’s heartbeat (perfect again) and fundal measurement (spot on again) she had a feel to see where the baby is sitting and said that at the moment she is head down, but that doesn’t mean anything as she is still likely to move…hopefully she will stay head down though.

 I did get a bit of bad news and that came after I got on the scales, none of the midwives had checked my weight in her absence and unfortunately my BMI is creeping up, basically if I put on 4 more kilos I won’t be able to deliver at this hospital. This shook me as I have been adamant all along that I don’t want to deliver at Sunshine. We decided that my next appointment in 2 weeks will be with the obstetrician and we will see how my weight is at that point and hopefully I am able to avoid having to change hospitals. I am going to make a much bigger effort to eat better (I can’t really exercise much because of the pelvic pain) but when I was pregnant with LJ I put on most of my weight in the last few weeks. I guess I won’t know much more for another two weeks. In the meantime I am going to try to do a tour of the maternity facilities at Sunshine hospital and see if I can try to get my head around the possibility of delivering there.

After my appointment I went to pick LJ up from school and then to the chemist to pick up the iron tablets and the heartburn tablets. I had the heartburn ones straight away, but they took a few hours to kick in. Two hours later I had the iron tablet and, no joke, within minutes of having it I was able to breathe a lot easier and felt like a weight was taken off my chest! LJ and I then cooked dinner and ANZAC biscuits before Grandad popped by to drop off some footy boots for LJ and (of course) play Paper planes. Once Grandad went home LJ and I went to bed. I was so relieved that my heartburn and breathing problems were gone..but I had the dreaded pregnancy insomnia though, this hardly bothered me though and I swear eventually I fell asleep with  a smile on my face!

On Tuesday LJ had the day off school because of ANZAC day, we had such a lovely morning at home, playing LEGO, Pokemon cards and Paper Planes. I did a little more sorting in the baby’s room (I seriously have so much stuff for her!) and before we knew it, it was lunch time. We drove over to my parents so I could do some computer work (As soon as my pay goes in I am booking the internet people to come to my new house!) and then we had a quiet night at home.

On Wednesday I worked from 8 to 4.30 so my Mum did the school drop off and pick up, after work I went to the supermarket and got a lot of healthy options for meals and snacks, I also went to Big W and bought a set of scales so that I can keep track at home of whether I am gaining or losing weight. On the day of my next appointment I will weigh myself at home before I go and then compare the weight on my scales to that of the hospital scales so I know how I am traveling by their standards. When I was picking LJ up from my Mum and Dads I quickly jumped on the computer and booked in to get my internet connected at the new house, It said it could take 3-30 business days to be completed so imagine my surprise the next day when I woke up to an email to say that it would be connected within the next 2 business days and that as the infrastructure is already in place (meaning my neighbourhood already has NBN and my house has a working telephone line) I wouldn’t need to be present at the time of connection.

I had the day off work on Thursday for an event, but LJ had a mini meltdown at the thought of going to school late so unfortunately, I cancelled on going ☹ I dropped LJ at school and then had a relaxing day at home. I literally barely moved off the couch for most of the day, which was just what my body needed. After I picked LJ up from school we went to my parents for dinner. I also stuck to healthy eating all day.

On Friday I had planned to go to the Essential Baby and Toddler show in the city but as I was flat broke I thought it would be too depressing for me! I also got a text message to say that the internet connection had been completed and that my modem had been dispatched and should arrive within 2 business days! Yay! ( so much for 3-30 business days!) After I picked LJ up from school we put his bike in the car and went to a local park for a play and bike ride, while LJ was riding his bike I walked along behind him, which was the most exercise I had done for a while, but I felt good, My pelvic pain only kicked in a little bit as we were walking back into the car park. Once again I stuck to healthy eating all day and felt so good for it.

week 321 pregnancy bike ride

On Saturday LJ had his second Auskick session and his first with proper footy boots. He loved it! (Yet again!) I had also transferred some money to my Dad so he could go to the Aldi sale for me and buy a set of drawers and a bedside table for in the babies room. LJ and I spent most of the day relaxing at home and then at night my dad came over to make a start on the babies drawers. LJ and I watched half of Harry Potter on TV and then went to bed!

Highlights this week:
Still Being Pregnant!
The end of heartburn!
The Pelvic pain giving me a bit of a break!
Plenty of movement!

Lowlights this week:
Finding out I may have to change hospitals, I am hopeful and optimistic that I can hold off on any more weight gain. Fingers crossed!

How big is baby this week:
According to google and babycenters response she is about the size of a coconut.

Body changes this week:
Feeling a weight lifted off my chest since having the iron tablets, I never considered that the weight on my chest could be from something like low iron, but am so thankful that it is from something that is treatable now (instead of just having to wait until the end of pregnancy)
How I am sleeping this week:
Since having the iron and heartburn tablets I have been sleeping amazingly, however I do wake up a few times to go to the toilet.

Food I can/cannot get enough of this week:
Veggies, any form, steamed, roasted, raw…any way.

Mood this week:
A little bit up and down.

Biggest change this week:
Yet again the end of the heartburn and the weight off my chest. I feel a lot more human and energised.

Appointments this week:
All I had was the appointment for the midwife, This upcoming week I have to get a blood test and the flu shot.

What I am wearing this week:
Still just the Jeanswest Maternity jeans and a variety of Kmart tops or BooHoo maternity tops. As soon as I get home I tend to change into trackies or pyjamas.

Products I am loving this week:
Still just Cetaphil moisturiser. My skin is so dry and is just lapping it up.

Best moment this week:
Three minutes after I took the iron tablet, when the weight on my chest lifted, angels sung and I suddenly could breathe!!!!

What I am looking forward to next week:
Another week of being pregnant!
Sorting through and putting away bubs clothes!
My Baby Shower!


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