Week 32

 Ooh somehow I am slipping with getting these posts up in a timely manner. Sorry! I am currently 34 weeks 2 days pregnant but this post covers all of Week 32 of pregnancy.  You can find the links to all of my previous pregnancy diary posts at the bottom of this post.

Week 32

week 32 baby shower ready

Week  32 started on April 30th 2017. I attempted to have a quiet day at home with LJ but he seems to have no control over his volume and it was the loudest “quiet” morning we have ever had, My Dad came over and finished building the chest of drawers.  In the afternoon we went to visit Granny and Grandads and I swear he only got louder and louder so we quickly came back home. The rest of my day was a lot of trying to entertain LJ while staying patient enough to handle his loudness. I also put on about a million loads of washing, to wash all of the baby clothes that I have been given as hand-me-downs and the few things that I had actually bought for her myself (mostly Bonds Zippies) By the time we got to bed I had a tickle in my throat and just knew I would wake up the next day with a cold (or worse)

On Monday, sure enough, I woke up feeling so sick, I dropped LJ at school and went to help out with his class reading, but the other Mums noticed how I wasn’t feeling well and sent me home (so grateful to them for that!) I had a quiet day at home, resting and then after I picked LJ up from school, (and he had a massive meltdown) we went to the doctors and I got some antibiotics to hopefully stop this cold from turning into anything nastier. When we got home we found a card from the courier to say that we had missed him, that meant our modem would be able to be picked up the next day. Awesome!

On Tuesday I dropped LJ at school, stopped at the Post office to pick up the modem and then went to the pathologist to get my blood tests done and then came home to set up the modem and connect it to all of our devices. I was half expecting the internet to not work straight away but sure enough it did! I spent the afternoon watching Youtube on TV and then picked LJ up from school, took him to swimming and had a beautiful night at home with him.

On Wednesday I worked from 8 to 4.30 so my Mum did school pick up and drop off. I still didn’t feel well and probably shouldn’t have gone to work but I pushed through, at the end of the day though I felt like I had been hit by a truck so I let them know I wouldn’t be in the next day. On the way home I stopped and did another healthy grocery shop before picking LJ up from my Mum (and my Dad who surprisingly was home early)

On Thursday I dropped LJ at school and then had a restful day at home, I sorted through all of the baby’s clothes, folding them and putting them away. In between resting and organising the baby’s room I did random jobs around the house. My Dad picked LJ up from school as he had the day off and wanted to, so later on I went to my parents for dinner.

On Friday LJ’s school had a pupil free day, something to do with a mathematics in-service for the teachers, so he was to be my little buddy. He seemed really tired in the morning but not in a concerning way. I had booked in at my sister-in-laws shop to get my eyebrows waxed and my toenails painted and by the time we got there LJ was a sneezing, miserable mess. We then stopped at sushi sushi so I could get lunch for LJ and my Mum before stopping to drop it off, when we got to her house LJ was really unwell, he then stayed with my Mum while I went to Kmart and did the shopping that I needed to do for the baby shower the next day. I got back to pick him up and his eyes were bright red, like it was Hay-fever. When we got home I gave him and anti-histamine and some nurofen, he seemed to get a lot better in front of my eyes. After dinner my oldest brother came over to watch LJ so I could do the groceries for the Baby shower the next day and then LJ and I went to bed pretty much as soon as he left.

week 32 baby shower desserts pink and gold themeSaturday was the day of my baby shower. In the morning, with LJ seeming a lot healthier, my younger brother took him to Auskick, while he was gone I cleaned the house and set up as much as I could for the Baby shower, when LJ and my Dad came back they helped with putting up decorations and then my Mum, my baby girls godmother and her Mum came over an hour before the shower started and helped me finish decorating and getting the food ready. Guest arrived at 2pm and I had a really great afternoon, I was completely spoiled and was overwhelmed by the amount of people who love and care about my baby girl already. I will have a post up at some point in the next few weeks about my Baby Shower so will go into more details then. By the time everyone left LJ and I got some dinner and watched Netflix, before going to bed.  All week I had eaten really well so I let myself splurge on the food at the baby shower. Surprisingly the next morning when I got on the scales I had only put on 100grams…I was expecting to have put on at least a kilo!

Highlights this week:
Still Being Pregnant!
Baby Shower!
Organising Baby Girls room!

Lowlights this week:
Just being sick..and LJ being sick.

How big is baby this week:
According to the apps on my phone she is the size of a “scooter” …ok now this Ovia app is just getting weirder and weirder!

Body changes this week:
I feel amazing! I think it’s a mix of the healthy eating, iron tablets and heartburn tablets. This has been the best that I have felt (apart from being sick) in weeks!

How I am sleeping this week:
I have been sleeping amazingly, There have been a few nights where it has taken me longer than usual to go to sleep, and every night I wake up a few times for the toilet, but apart from that sleeping is great!

Food I can/cannot get enough of this week:
Loving gherkins! Not sure if it is because I am pregnant or if it just because I love gherkins haha.

Mood this week:
I’ve been in a great mood this week.

Biggest change this week:
How good I feel!

Appointments this week:
I had the doctors appointment on Monday to get antibiotics, blood test on Tuesday. I decided against the Flu shot until I feel 100% better. This upcoming week I have an appointment with the obstetrician, hopefully they can see all of the work I have put into healthy eating and weight loss these last two weeks and are happy to let me continue on in hopes of delivering at that hospital instead of Sunshine.

What I am wearing this week:
Still just the Jeanswest Maternity jeans and a variety of Kmart tops or BooHoo maternity tops. Once again as soon as I get home I tend to change into trackies or pyjamas. For my Baby shower I wore and old Target Maxi skirt above the bump with a black target maternity t-shirt and a headband from Kmart.

Products I am loving this week:
I tried out the VaniT Tanning mousse that I was gifted at the Blogger United event last year and quite liked it. I like how quick it works and that it is 95% natural ingredients.

Best moment this week:
Probably at the end of the Baby Shower just taking in how lucky I am.

What I am looking forward to next week:
Another week of being pregnant!
Organising all of the presents that I got at the baby shower into her room!
Hearing her heartbeat at the obstetricians appointment!

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