Week 33

 Playing some catch up today! I am currently 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant but this post covers all of Week 33 of pregnancy.  You can find the links to all of my previous pregnancy diary posts at the bottom of this post.

Week 33

week 33 big brothers birthday

Week 33 started on Sunday 7th May 2017.  As soon as I woke up I remembered all of the cleaning I had to do from the Baby shower and set to work, but it did not take too long to clean. My Dad came over and took LJ out shopping to get me a Mothers Day present, while he was gone I finished the cleaning and when they got back they helped take down the last of the baby shower decorations. I had intended to go to my parents house to pick up some stuff, but LJ just didn’t want to go so we stayed at home all afternoon. He watched a million different movies on Netflix and videos on YouTube and I caught up on some overdue blogging. I made sure to get straight back on track with healthy eating, knowing that my obstetricians appointment is coming up in a matter of days and then we had dinner, watched more movies and went to bed.

On Monday I dropped LJ off at school, stayed and helped the class with their reading (I’m going to continue doing this as long as I can, because once I have the baby I will be unable to help out until/unless I am ready to leave her with someone else for the two hours) Once I got home I set about relaxing. I couldn’t quite deal with the pile of presents sitting in the babies room, I am so grateful and so overwhelmed all at the same time! Just before I left to do school pick up my “Hello Fresh” delivery box arrived. LJ also got his Birthday card from my Grandparents so on the way home from school we went to Target and he bought a LEGO playset. That night LJ and I had a quiet night at home, me cooking dinner and him building LEGO with a visiting Grandad.

On Tuesday I dropped LJ off at school and then met with a possible Student Midwife. I decided early on in pregnancy that I wanted to get a Student Midwife to help support me throughout the pregnancy and especially through labour, Initially I found one through the hospital I would be delivering at, but our schedules just did not match up and I have not seen her since the day that I met her. I found a possible new one who had advertised on a local Community facebook page, after I dropped LJ off she came over for a quick chat, to see if we got along, to discuss her expectations, my expectations and then, as we both clicked and decided to go ahead, she came with me to what I thought was an obstetricians appointment at the consulting rooms across from the hospital. It turned out that it was actually a midwife appointment, but the midwife was amazing and let my student midwife be so involved and learn so much.

The appointment went well, My weight had dropped by 2.5kgs in the two weeks since my last appointment, bringing my BMI down by a point so it looks like I will be able to continue on at this hospital (provided I continue with the healthy eating and don’t stack all the weight back on and then some!) My iron levels are a lot better and she gave me some options for other heartburn tablets to try (so that I am not on the same sort constantly) The babies heartbeat was perfect, she was measuring perfect and my blood pressure was perfect as well. The only slight hiccup was that the baby was possibly in a breech position. The midwife was not too concerned yet as there is still PLENTY of time for her to move, but has referred me for a positioning scan at 35 weeks and advised me to start considering my options for if she remains breech (eg. Whether I want to attempt a vaginal breech delivery at Sunshine hospital or have a planned caesarean at 39 weeks) Once I got home from the appointment I received a phone call from the midwife again advising me that there was a note on my file from the last appointment (when my BMI was higher) requesting that I have regular growth scans, she had faxed a referral slip to my local sonographer and advised me to get it done by the end of the week. After I picked LJ up he had a swimming lesson and then we did some groceries and had a quiet night at home.

On Wednesday I worked from 8.15 until 4.45 so my Mum did school pick up and drop off. At my lunch break I raced down to the sonographer and met up with my student midwife there, the growth scan went well, all of her organs are  exactly as they should be, but she is measuring 2 weeks ahead and her head is measuring 3 weeks ahead. I went back to work and cannot even begin to explain the nervous giggling I had for the rest of the day thinking about how big my baby is going to be (and my poor lady parts having to deliver her)

On Thursday I was working again, 8.15 to 4.45 and by the time I finished work I was exhausted. More than anything I was hungry though! I had packed some rice paper rolls to take to Mum and Dads to have for dinner (as my family has fish and chips every Thursday night) but I was so hungry I ate them as soon as I got home from work. Oops. I stayed at Mum and Dads until after Survivor (love that show) and then LJ and I came home to sleep.

On Friday morning LJs school was having a Mothers Day morning, from 7.45 with all different activities spread out in different parts of the school. We had a great time and he enjoyed painting my finger nails the most, they are all now different shades of gold, yellow, purple and blue. I went home and cleaned the house and then once my pay went in I went to the local pharmacy to buy this toy monkey that LJ had been eyeing off for weeks, luckily they including gift-wrapping. I picked LJ up and we went to Woolworths together to buy the lollies to go in his lolly bags for his party and then we had a busy night making sure we were organised for his party the next day. As soon as LJ was asleep I inflated a big “6” balloon and tied it to the end of the bed (this has been a birthday tradition of ours for the last three years) as well as putting his presents at the end of the bed. I then got my first real Braxton Hicks contraction of the pregnancy and for a second it felt so real that I had to tell my daughter “You are not allowed to be born tonight or tomorrow, I am too busy with your brothers birthday!”

On Saturday the second LJ woke up he was so excited to see his balloon and then to get to open his presents. I gave him the blue monkey toy and a LEGO set, this is the least amount of presents I have given him for a birthday but we talked about how much the LEGO set cost and he was completely understanding, barely bat an eyelid. Before we knew it it was time to go to the local Hungry Jacks for his party. The party was super crazy, with 18 four to six year olds and one two year old, but the children had so much fun! LJ was ridiculously spoilt by his friends and the party was a success. If you have been following my blog for a while you would know that every year I throw LJ a party at home and theme it out, this was the first year that I decided to “outsource” the party, as being so pregnant I thought the less work, the better. I was SO happy with this decision when we got home from the party and I was able to sit still and do nothing, no cleaning, no putting away food, just relaxing. LJ somehow roped Grandad into building more of his LEGO and then once Grandad left LJ and I just kept playing with all of his new toys. At one point we heard the “Home Ice Cream truck” ring its bell and LJ just looked at me, I said to him “You can spend a little bit of birthday money on ice cream if you want” and he quickly jumped up, put some pants on and then we went on a mad dash around the neighbourhood to find the truck. We both could not stop laughing at how unprepared we were, with LJ in shorts and a singlet but eventually we found the truck and LJ got a box of his favourite icy-poles from them. That night we went to my parents house for dinner and cake and all of my brothers and sister-in-laws were there. LJ lapped up all of the “birthday boy” attention and after cake we went home to bed. We were exhausted!

Highlights this week:
Still Being Pregnant!
Having another (unexpected) scan!
LJs birthday party!
LJs birthday in general!

Lowlights this week:
I don’t think we had any lowlights this week!

How big is baby this week:
According to the apps on my phone she is the size of a “tennis racquet” …once again I hope she is not the same shape as one!

Body changes this week:
I feel amazing! Yet again, the best I have felt so far this pregnancy. At night I do get very itchy legs, but once I find the right position, temperature, moisturiser etc. it stops bothering me.

How I am sleeping this week:
Sleeping great, although still waking up a few times for the toilet. The itchy legs have been annoying but as I said above once I figure out the right combination to deal with them I can sleep beautifully.

Food I can/cannot get enough of this week:
Fresh food! Rice paper rolls, corn fritters, sweet potato chips etc. All so yummy!

Mood this week:
I’ve been in a great mood this week.

Biggest change this week:
That I am still feeling better and better!

Appointments this week:
I had the midwife appointment on Tuesday and the growth scan on Wednesday. In this upcoming week I have no appointments booked.

What I am wearing this week:
Same old, same old. If I am out its Jeanswest maternity jeans and Kmart shirts. If I am home its pyjamas or trackies.

Products I am loving this week:
Any form of moisturiser for my legs at night… lifesaver.

Best moment this week:
LJs birthday. Seeing him  turn six and his excitement at growing up just warms my heart.

What I am looking forward to next week:
Another week of being pregnant!
Mothers Day!
Hopefully a lot more rest time!

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