Week 34

I am currently 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant but this post covers all of Week 34 of pregnancy.  You can find the links to all of my previous pregnancy diary posts at the bottom of this post.

Week 34

Week 34 started on Sunday 14th May 2017. It was Mothers Day! LJ was so excited to give me my presents that he woke me up at 7.15 am. He had bought a pot plant when shopping with Grandad to give to me and then Grandad had gotten some pyjamas and a cardigan for LJ to give me. From his school Mothers Day stall LJ had bought me a decorative frog and a wall hanging, that he thought was a necklace, but looks great on the wall. We had a quiet morning at home (apart from our Dryer basically burning out on us) and then drove to Highpoint as LJ had some gift vouchers and money from his party that he wanted to spend. We had a lovely morning walking around the shops and I was so impressed at how great LJ is at shopping for himself! After we left Highpoint I was in a beautiful mood so took LJ to one of the local parks for a play. After that we went to visit my Mum before heading home for a quiet night.

week 34 footy

On Monday morning I took LJ to school and then stayed to help the class with their reading. When I got home I sat around for while watching YouTube and then sorted out all of the baby shower presents. Once I picked up LJ we went to a local oval as he had received “Grip Ball” as one of his birthday presents, I remember playing Grip-Ball with my brothers when I was younger. All throughout the day I was getting itchier and itchier, usually my itchiness is only at night time and usually it is only on my legs but during the day it was all up my arms and across my back and the top of my hands. LJ and I had a great time continuing with our Grip Ball match, then kicking a footy (somehow at 34 weeks pregnant I managed to kick pretty well!)and having a play on the nearby playground. Once we got home and LJ was in the bath I decided that it was best if I gave the midwives at the hospital a call, just to see if the itching was anything to worry about. They were super helpful and told me to have dinner, but to get someone to bring me in soon, as it could be problems with my liver and they would rather be safe than sorry.

My Mum came over to watch LJ and My Dad came to drive me to the hospital, I got there at about 7.20ish and was seen straight away, one of the midwives working I had met earlier in my pregnancy and the Obstetrician on duty was the first one I had met earlier on as well. I had blood taken, urine samples, blood pressure, The baby’s heart-rate and movement was monitored and luckily the obstetrician let me know that all of the tests that they could get results for straight away had come back with good results but that there were another few tests I would need to wait a few days for the results to come through on and that I would need to get another blood test first thing in the morning, as it needed to be a fasting blood test. Once everything had been cleared that they could clear then and there, I was given a super strong anti-histamine to try to stop the itching, a prescription for more (with a warning that they will make me super drowsy and not to take them unless I absolutely need to, and only when there is another adult around as I can’t drive on them) and sent home. I was expecting to climb into bed with LJ, but he was still wide awake and super worried about me when I got home, so it took me a while longer to get him to sleep, all while trying not to nod off myself yet from the medication.

On Tuesday morning I was supposed to go to a study day for my Diploma but the obstetrician told me to stay home in bed, she gave me a medical certificate so I was able to pass that on to work and the academy. My Dad came over at around 7 to help out with LJs morning routine, but LJ didn’t wake until after 8 (and even then I think it was too early for him given how late he had stayed awake the night before) My Dad got LJ ready (except for making his lunch and getting him dressed which LJ insisted Mummy had to do) and took him to school, arriving just in time. I then went to the pathology place about two blocks from my house and had the blood test done, apparently this test takes 3 days for the results to come back, so just waiting it out. Once I got home I climbed back into bed and rested for a few hours and then got on the computer to get some blogging (and scheduling) done. I picked LJ up from school and then took him to his swimming lesson, he was moving up a grade at swimming and he had to do about twice as much work as he usually does, but I was so proud he did so well! After that we went to Woolworths and did the groceries before getting home, having a visit from Grandad (who I think was still worried about me) and then having an early night.

On Wednesday I had a scheduled day off (first Wednesday off, apart from holidays, in a long time!) I dropped LJ at school and then went to the local ALDI to buy some groceries I had forgotten the night before, while I was there I saw this sad looking plant, an “assorted palm” and thought I could give it some TLC and get it back to health to put in the baby’s room. It was marked down to $7.99 so I couldn’t say no, I then went to Big W and bought a pot to put it in and after giving it some water and sitting it in the sun for half an hour it looked like a brand new plant! After school pick up LJ and I went to my parents house to pick up some LEGO that Grandad had made and then, after a fight from LJ who did not want to leave, we came home, cooked dinner and had an early night again. Most of Tuesday and Wednesday I felt a bit out of it, probably as a result of the Phenergen left in my system but by Wednesday night I felt a lot better.

On Thursday my Mum did LJs pick up and drop offs because I was working 8.15-4.45, my day was pretty uneventful and before I knew it I was finished work. We had Fish and Chips at Mum and Dads for dinner and watched survivor before coming home and going straight to bed.

On Friday I dropped LJ at school and then went to the Kmart at Melton to buy a clothes airer. After our dryer died on Sunday I realised pretty quickly that I needed a clothes airer until I can afford to buy a new dryer (and that won’t be for a long time!) When I got home I decided to have a day on the couch watching “Jane the Virgin” on Netflix. I am hoping to finish the season before bub comes. Once I picked LJ up from school we went to Big W to buy a present for one his friends who was having a party the next day and then we came home, cooked dinner, baked a vanilla slice and went to bed.

On Saturday LJ had Auskick and it was “Bring a Friend day” we brought a family friend and I have never seen a bigger smile on a child, just because they were kicking a football! I went along to watch (armed with a picnic blanket and a camp chair, one of the other mums remarked that all I was missing was “a thermos”, good idea for next time!) LJ did so well and in the little game they play at the end he scored 3 goals! I thought these were his first goals and made such a fuss of him but he told me later “I got two goals on the day of your baby shower, when you weren’t there” Oops. I love watching him have so much fun at a sport that he seems to truly enjoy. After Auskick we went straight to Timezone, a few towns over for his friends birthday party. LJ had so much fun playing laser tag and then trying all the different arcade games before picking his prize at the end, and all of the kids from school there did not stop smiling, it was a great party. Once we got home we went straight to my parents house and, as I was so exhausted from watching LJ use so much energy ? , I caught up on the rest of the episodes of Chicago Fire that my Mum had recorded for me. We then stayed and had dinner there before heading home to bed.

Highlights this week:
Still Being Pregnant!
Hearing her heartbeat again at the hospital (event though she made them work for it)!
Watching LJ at Auskick!

Lowlights this week:
Going to hospital! Although once I got there it was a very positive experience!

How big is baby this week:
According to the apps on my phone she is the size of a “Basketball Hoop” …According to the midwives at the hospital she is measuring 2 weeks ahead.

Body changes this week:
This week it was just the craziness of being itchy, and then after that the out of body feeling from the medication, once I got that out of my system (and the itching disappeared for a few days) my body was back to normal.

How I am sleeping this week:
After the medication I was sleeping like a log.

Food I can/cannot get enough of this week:
A lot of the same as last week, Fresh food! Rice paper rolls, corn fritters, sweet potato chips etc. All so yummy!

Mood this week:
I’ve been in a great mood this week, which has been surprising given the circumstances and the hospital trip.

Biggest change this week:
The daytime itching on Monday.

Appointments this week:
This week I had no scheduled appointments, next week I have an ultrasound sometime to suss out bubs position in there.

What I am wearing this week:
I have been pretty much living in baggy black trackies, they are my pyjamas, my”kicking the footy” clothes, my day wear. I bought a few more pairs at Kmart when I was there for the clothes airer on Friday.

Products I am loving this week:
Cetaphil Intensive moisturiser for face and body. Its fragrance free and my skins just laps it up

Best moment this week:
Watching LJ at Auskick. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to come along and watch, since I am assuming it will be too hard to bring a brand new baby along in the middle of winter, so I am loving watching him while I can.

What I am looking forward to next week:
Another week of being pregnant!
Finishing up at work!


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