Week 35

I am currently 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant but this post covers all of Week 35 of pregnancy.  I can’t believe how close it is getting to meeting my little girl! You can find the links to all of my previous pregnancy diary posts at the bottom of this post.

Week 35

week 34 brother

Week 35 started on Sunday 21st May. My Dad and LJ had been planning for a while to have a “Boys Day” so around 10am my Dad picked him up, they loaded up their bikes and swimming bags and headed into the city, They went to the Wave pool and had fun on waterslides and then went for a bike ride around Albert Park Lake. While they were gone I had one of the laziest days ever, barely moving from the couch and watching “Jane the Virgin” on Netflix. When LJ got home we had a quiet night.

On Monday I took LJ to school and then stayed to help his class with their reading, when I got home I had a million little jobs that I needed to do, but ended up only doing about half. Oops. Yet again I had a “Hello Fresh” order delivered, which I am still finding super exciting but only getting when the menu looks amazing. One of the tasks that I did manage to finish was trying to find the model number on LJs old car-seat (I say old but I only purchased this one when he was about 2 and a half) and seeing if it was suitable for Rear facing, extended rear facing and if it is suitable from birth or from 6 months. Luckily it is suitable from birth so I plan to give it a clean up, buy some new colour inserts to go in it to at least make it feel new to me, and then once Bub has grown out of the capsule I will use this, instead of spending more money on a new carseat! In the evening I made a big list of jobs I need to complete before Bub gets here. I also put through my first ever “Coles Online” order to be delivered on Wednesday, last week when I did the grocery shopping it was just super uncomfortable wrangling LJ, pushing the trolley and doing all the walking with bub in a particular position so I’m going to give online a go and see if that makes it easier for me.

On Tuesday I dropped LJ at school and then went over to my Mums, while I was there I moved LJs booster seat over to the drivers side of the car and installed the baby capsule (I used to work in car rentals and was trained in how to install a car seat) Once that was done I set myself up at the sewing machine and made cradle sheets. The cradle that I bought for bub, while she is sleeping in my room, is a bit longer than your standard bassinette so I decided to make the sheets myself instead of struggling to find ones to fit in the shops or buying custom made (and pricey) ones online. At 2.30 I had a centrelink appointment that I expected would take me all day, but somehow was over in 10 minutes, meaning I was able to do school pick-up and then take LJ to his swimming lesson.  We just had a quiet night at home after that.

On Wednesday I dropped LJ at school and then came home to wait for my Coles delivery. I had booked it to come between 9 and 12 and it came at 11.55. I was happy with the quality of everything that I received. While I was waiting though I gave my house a BIG clean and got some blogging done and completed my Paid Parental Leave application. In the afternoon I went to Big W and bought a few of the last things that I needed for my hospital bag, I got some empty travel bottles to put shower gel in, a mini dry shampoo, baggy black tracksuit pants, a million pairs of undies and some breastfeeding crop tops. While waiting to pick LJ up I also booked in for a Pregnancy massage for next tuesday and to get my hair done next Friday. I then picked LJ up from school and we came home to have (another) quiet night.

On Thursday I had to work from 7.45 to 4.15. My Dad was having a late start at work so he decided to drop LJ off at school and came over to my house early to save me the hassle of driving past work to get to my parents house to then drive back to work at that early hour. I had a non-eventful day dealing with 4 year olds attitudes in the kinder room (They were on fire! Lucky I love them!) before going back to Mum and Dads for dinner.

On Friday I had my last day of work. I was rostered from 8-4.30 but could only get an appointment for my positioning ultrasound at 10 so was able to swap with one of the late girls and do 10-6.30 (but I got there about 10.40, work was so understanding, which I really appreciate) So I was going to drop LJ at school, but he woke an hour before my alarm with a rotten case of the sniffles and a head cold. Initially I thought I would have to call in sick on my last day but when I called work and found out they had already had 5 people call in sick I couldn’t do that to them, luckily my Mum was happy to spend the day with LJ and my Dad was finishing work early so he got to have a great day with his grandparents. I went to my appointment at 10am with my student midwife. This ultrasound had been requested when the midwives thought Bub might be breech, but luckily she was head down and in “perfect position” (sonographers words) This scan ended up being another growth scan as well and luckily her growth has slowed down a bit (no longer measuring 2 weeks ahead) after the scan I went to work and had a good, if very busy, last day. I managed to remember to save all of the files for my diploma so if I get a chance on Maternity leave I can finish my assessments. I finished up at 6.30, stayed chatting to one of my work friends for another 15 minutes and then, just like that, was on Maternity leave!

My work offers 1 year of unpaid maternity leave, most of the staff take 6-9 months, but I’ve put in for the whole year, 6 weeks before you are due to return to work you can apply for another year of maternity leave, and head office can’t decline but after that it’s to be worked out between head office and yourself. My director did let me know that if I am struggling financially and would like to come back earlier I am more than welcome. I’m just going to see how it goes!

On Saturday LJ had Auskick, this has fast become one of my favourite parts of the week…and I think it is definitely LJs favourite day. After Auskick we went to my parents house for a little bit and then my older brother came over to do some “Science experiments” with LJ. I also did a tiny shop at ALDI for things I had forgotten to order online and went to Bunnings to get paint for the toy box that is going in bubs room. While they were busy I touched up some paint on the bubs cradle, cot and change table, to cover some marks and chips from where they got damaged during the move.

Highlights this week:
Still Being Pregnant!
Watching LJ at Auskick!
Finishing Work!

Lowlights this week:

How big is baby this week:
After the scan I know baby is measuring at the right size for 35 weeks, but with a head the size of the average 36 weeker.

Body changes this week:
No itchiness this week! The other main change is that I am feeling AMAZING! I actually feel the best that I have felt all pregnancy, which is really weird, but I love it. I am scared to talk too soon though, so lets see…

How I am sleeping this week:
Sleeping wonderfully. I am waking up a lot for toilet trips during the night, but get back to sleep straight away.

Food I can/cannot get enough of this week:
Yet again it is anything fresh, lots of veggies and lots of home-cooked meals with lots of veggies!

Mood this week:
I’ve been in a really good mood this week, I was probably a bit impatient on my last two days at work but apart from that I have been in fantastic moods.

Biggest change this week:
Feeling great! For once I really had nothing to complain about, no itching, no heartburn, no pelvic pain and so on and so on.

Appointments this week:
This week I only had the Ultrasound scheduled. Next week I have filled myself up with appointments, I have an obstetrician appointment on Tuesday morning, a Pregnancy massage appointment on Tuesday afternoon and a hair appointment on Friday morning!

What I am wearing this week:
Back to living in my Jeanswest maternity jeans and rotating between two target maternity t-shirts.

Products I am loving this week:
Cetaphil moisturiser for face and body again..and oat baths. I think a combination of these two things and whatever phenergen is leftover in my body is what has made a huge difference to my itchiness.

Best moment this week:
Just hearing the excitement in LJs voice when he talks about his sister. He is starting to get really excited now.

What I am looking forward to next week:
Another week of being pregnant!
Being on Maternity leave!
Being another week closer to meeting my daughter!

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