Week 36

Welcome to my final pregnancy post. As you can guess from my long absence on the blog I had my baby! We are both healthy and very happy. I will have more posts about her, the birth and a variety of posts I had started before she came in the next few weeks.In the meantime you can catch up with everything on my Instagram @Alixsadventures

You can find the links to all of my previous pregnancy diary posts at the bottom of this post.

Week 36

week 36

Week 36 started on Sunday 28th of May. I had a busy day planned of crossing jobs of my “Things to do before baby comes” list. In the morning my Dad came over and cut the grass for me, as well as checking the fenceline where we have Juniors (The rabbit) cage set up so that he can finally start coming out for a play when he wants. I packed my hospital bag (actually a carry-on sized suitcase, half for me half for bub) then I moved a few decorative pieces around the walls in bubs room until I was happy, my Dad took the toybox back over to his house, so I can paint it there before bringing it back at some point before the baby turns 3 ?, and then while I was at it I decided to pack the nappy bag as well. Just after lunch one of my friends came over with her 7 month old and a bunch of hand-me-downs for me. She also gave me a beautiful crochet blanket that her Mum had made for the bub, I felt very spoilt (The blanket is in the photo above, across the corner of the cot). Once they had left I took LJ over to my parents house because him and Dad were going on a bike ride, I then went back home and started playing catch up with the last season of “Orange is the new black” on Netflix. Dad brought LJ back after dinner and we went to bed!

On Monday I dropped LJ at school and once again stayed to help with reading, when I left the children were playing outside for recess and LJ saw me, he came running up to me in tears because his friend wanted to play in the sandpit and he didn’t (high drama) this meant that I ended up spending most of recess with him, trying to find another friend to play. It was heartbreaking, I hadn’t seen him like that since daycare drop off at least a year back. When I got home I had a quiet day and then after picking LJ up we went to visit a family friend who had a baby not long ago, LJ got to play with her 3 year old son and I got to have a chat so it was nice! We got home, had dinner and then LJ played Minecraft while I did the coles online order until bedtime.

Tuesday was going to be a busy day for me and it was, but in a different way than I initially anticipated. I dropped LJ at school and then went to my Obstetrician appointment, I won’t go into detail because it was a looooong appointment and as it is so close to the end of my pregnancy I don’t want to share too much, but will afterwards. Both the baby and myself are healthy but there are a few things the obstetrician and midwife want to monitor. I left with a referral for another growth scan in a week and a half, appointments for each week with the midwives/obstetricians until bub comes and had to go over to the hospital to monitor bub on the CTG machine. All along (and with my pregnancy with LJ too) the baby has not liked having her heartbeat monitored, she always moves around as soon as they start trying to find it and really makes them work for it. Well, this time she was not having a bar of it, both the midwife and myself could physically see my belly moving as she tried to get away from the doppler, in the end the midwife said she couldn’t send me home until she could get a “baseline read” on the heartbeat so I was sent across the road to the maternity ward to be monitored. Well, once we were there the baby fell asleep and so took forever for them to be able to get the reading they needed, finally though I was sent home with re-assurance that her heartbeat is fine, she is just stubborn. Yay! Who would have thought I would have two strong-willed children!?! Haha I love it, it will serve them well as adults, but man its going to make the next two decades tough for me!

week 36 fetal monitoring

Because I had to go to the hospital I missed out on my Pregnancy massage and will hopefully re-book that before bub comes. I got home in time to pick LJ up from school and take him to swimming. After swimming we went to my parents house and ordered pizza and pasta for dinner (I finally let myself have some gnocchi, I’ve been so good!) and waited for my Dad to come home so we could see his new car. LJ loves it and wants us to get a new car now…thanks dad. We got home quite late and went straight to bed!

On Wednesday morning LJ woke up with some leg pain, over the last year he has randomly had these pains come and we’ve been to hospital at least twice (with one 3 day stay) trying to figure it out. At this point it seems like it is growing pains, today was a better version of it though because, while he was in pain, at least he was still able to move it. I gave him some nurofen, as it acts as an anti-inflammatory and sent him to school, I had a chat to his teacher (who is aware from the past of what can happen) and am hopeful that by the time I pick him up he will have full movement back and be pain free. When I got home from the school drop off I got some blogging done and waited for my Coles Online order to arrive. Once it did I had a quiet afternoon watching more “Orange is the new black” on Netflix before going to pick LJ up from school.

On Thursday I was driving LJ to school and was planning on stopping at the petrol station on the way (we had even left home early to stop at the petrol station) about a kilometre from home (and just under 4 kilometres to school, my car ran out of petrol! I called the RACV and then my Mum, My Mum arrived and got LJ and his bags in her car and then a minute later the RACV showed up to put some petrol in, I quickly went to the petrol station and then came back home. While LJ was at school I dyed my hair, planted some plants and then relaxed watching TV. After school LJ had a play date at a friends house so I picked him up from there and then my family came over to my house for dinner.I also had to dash down to the local doctors with LJ to get some test results from when LJ had the skin infection a few weeks earlier. Luckily the results showed that it was what the doctor had thought it was so the course of treatment the doctors gave us was the correct one.

On Friday morning I dropped LJ at school and went to get my hair done, finally. I was a little bit early to I stopped by Best and Less and bought the last few things I needed for my hospital bag (granny undies, huge tracksuit pants and then a million bibs for bub) I then got my hair washed, got a moisturising treatment put in got a trim and a blow wave. As I was leaving the hair salon with my beautiful hair the stylist said to me “You will have to go out for dinner tonight, now that your hair looks good” I laughed and said “Well if my baby decides to come tonight at least I will have good hair for the photos!” we both laughed and off I went! When I got home I washed my new purchases and hung them up to dry. I then made rice paper rolls for lunch and sat down on the couch I started watching a video on YouTube and at 1.45pm MY WATER BROKE!

The rest of this week is TO BE CONTINUED in a Birth Story post!

Highlights this week:
Having my Baby!

Lowlights this week:
None! Even running out of petrol was funny.

How big is baby this week:
Well I can tell you exactly but that will also have to wait until I publish my Birth Story.

Body changes this week:
Still feeling great, but getting bigger and bigger….and then smaller and smaller.

How I am sleeping this week:
Still sleeping wonderfully. I am waking up a lot for toilet trips during the night, but get back to sleep straight away.

Food I can/cannot get enough of this week:
Yet again it is anything fresh, lots of veggies and lots of home cooked meals with lots of veggies!

Mood this week:
I’ve been in a really good mood this week, loving my Maternity Leave and being able to relax.

Biggest change this week:
I had my Baby!!!

Appointments this week:
Just my obstetrician appointment on Tuesday and Hair appointment on Friday

What I am wearing this week:
Back to living in my Jeanswest maternity jeans and rotating between two target maternity t-shirts.

Products I am loving this week:
Moisturiser. Any moisturiser

Best moment this week:
Having my baby!!

What I am looking forward to next week:
Looking forward to the rest of my life!!!!!

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